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The Grimoire of Starfire Steam. [PDF]

by Thomas Smith
a book of poetry and short stories revolving around a post apocalyptic steampunk world. Filled with dark machina and holy valkaries, but most importantly humanity in all of its artistic glory.
Love, death, greed, lust, loss, happiness, bliss, all potrayed through the myriad of characters in this grimoire.
The wars, the loves and the betrayals, even the gods of Norse mythology partake in this succulent tales wine.
Read from the poems and radio shows betwixt the words of beautiful decadence, learn of the worlds tales through short stories that humanise the poems lines.
This is the grimoire of Starfire steam, riddled with life and art, of truth and substance, this is the beginning of our journey, let us take the path less traveled and revel in all the difference it makes.
This is Norse-punk and its here to stay, this Is my first story, I can only hope you enjoy.
[PDF] The Grimoire of Starfire Steam. download

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1. Persia Emily | 02.05.2016 17:33

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Thank you! Great book!

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