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Tiny Talks [PDF]

by Tammy Daybell
Have you ever heard this terrifying sentence on a Sunday morning?

"Mom, I just remembered I have to give a talk in Primary today."

Such a phrase can suddenly create considerable tension on what should be a peaceful Sabbath day. But the solution has arrived!

As the parents of five young children, Tammy and Chad Daybell have experienced this challenge many times. To help others facing the same dilemma, they have compiled a year's worth of Tiny Talks that directly correspond with the 2002 Primary theme of "The Temple-I'm Going There Someday."

These Tiny Talks are also a great Family Home Evening resource. Plus, the book's clever, eye-catching illustrations will entertain the whole family.

Each Tiny Talk contains:
• A temple-related story with a valuable message
• A corresponding scripture verse
• A list of visual aids that can be used with each talk

With Tiny Talks, the next time your six-year-old says that dreaded phrase, you'll still be able to tie everyone's shoes, comb their hair, make it to church on time, and have your child give a meaningful talk!

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Thank you! Great book!

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