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Into the Darkness (Darkness, #1) [PDF]

by Harry Turtledove
First and foremost I have to say I've tried reading this book since the seventh grade. At first I was impressed by the dragon and what not on the cover, but as I actually tried to read it I was severely daunted by the fact the character listing is five pages long. Despite that, I still tried to read and only managed to get past the first chapter before deciding this was not worth my time and considered it confusing and very boring. Years later I bought the book, and soon the other five followed and they've been sitting on my bookcase for quite some time.

Well, I picked it up again and though it was still a ridiculously tough read; boredom struck whenever character development was attempted. I finished it and am now going to read my way through the remaining part of the series. And I don't know how that happened. I'm not particularly interested in alternate universe type of stories and nor am I savvy in the elaborate and intricate histories of World War 2. There is just this sense of...charm, I guess, to it that made me grudgingly want to read the others. I mean once you figure out what countries in the book reflect the ones IRL, you pretty much have the whole general story summed up. Algarve, the equivalent to Nazi Germany, will lose the war and something is going to be egged (which are the books equivalent to bombs, missiles, various other explosive things) over in Gyongyos, which in real world is Imperial Japan, near the end of the series. The entire plot is World War 2 in a nut shell except take out the tanks, bombers, and submarines and replace them with giant rhinoceroses, dragons, and massive toothed whales called leviathans.

So why am I still drawn to it? There's too many characters to become attached to so you pretty much stay away from liking anyone of them because you're more concerned with keeping names straight rather than worrying about what fresh hell they're going through. But yet, you still feel bad for the viewpoint characters when something does happen; like this unwanted love some how sprang out of nowhere like some disease. Sure you don't like being around people who are sick, but you still love and feel bad for the guys anyway when they become worse or, karma cap, die. Chapters drawl on for pages where, quite literally, nothing develops. It's supposed to expose who the designated viewpoint characters are, but you find yourself flipping forward a few more pages to see how much is left until a new view point character is brought in.

I find myself drawn into this world thinking about how it relates to actual history, but I soon forget completely that this is based off of a real situation and get sucked in. It doesn't make any sense. I enjoy how he replaces "modern" technology with that of the fantasy realm, however, despite all of my mindless nit picking.

Which also makes Turtledove a good author if he can pull that off. If can't be the only person in the world who actually thought this way and yet still chugged through the rest of the series. I just hope the next book won't be a let down considering I've got a lot more books to read...
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