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Unholy Ground [PDF]

by John Brady
This was my first experience with the author John Brady though this, Unholy Ground, is his second book in the Inspector Matt Minogue series. My edition is a First Steerforth Edition, printed in Canada. Booklist states, "The kind of book(s) for which the term literary mystery was coined." I would agree. Set in Dublin, this book underlines the "troubles" between Ireland and Britain and the problems within Ireland itself at the time. Delving deeply into the history between countries and the spy networks in place by British intelligence we see a totally intriguing view of Irish culture and climate. What seems like a simple burglary turns into an investigation with far-reaching tentacles, as far up as the prime minister of Britain. What are spymasters doing in Dublin? Why is this old man, strangled in his simple Irish cottage of such importance, and why are people dying around him? Minogue answers these questions and more in this mystery. He climbs a rickety ladder of insiders and intrigues to get to the truth, putting relationships and career at risk to do so. I would want Minogue on my side for sure. He epitomizes the Irish Gardai, quiet, tenacious, well-meaning, compassionate, and not one you would want to be pitted against in an argument. He gets the job done. Written in the third person, this book yet reveals the inner workings of Minogue's mind as he ferrets out the truth of conversations and lies behind the truth. I like this style of writing. I want to "hear" how the protagonist thinks and feels as it lends new insights to the story for me.
I will be looking for the first and next in series as I scour my secondhand bookstores.
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Thank you! Great book!

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