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Edward Weston [PDF]

by Ben Maddow
Edward Weston was a pretty interesting guy. I wish he discussed more about his feelings on light, beauty, etc. The book largely, and his writings, focus on his romantic adventures. he was never without a lover it seems.

A good read for photographers. whom, i think will be particularly crushed by the watching his health decline to the point where he can only watch the light and beauty—but no longer make his body work well enough to capture it.

in many ways he got to live a sort of dream existence where he defined the bounds of his experience to large extent, but a good portion of that was an expression of selfishness. additionally, it was an expression of his ability to ignore the fact that his life was largely made possible by a woman he clearly had no respect for. That rich wife in waiting who cut him cheques from time to time to keep him going.

i'd be almost as interested to read a biography of her experience. It seems her motivations were more complex, and subtle than his. Her continued support of him despite his many lovers, her general abandonment by him, and many other things make her an interesting and pivotal character in the story of the edward weston legacy.
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