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The Lost Isle of Perpetua (Falcon Lord #1) [PDF]

by D.A. Metrov
Librarian's note: This is an alternate cover edition for ISBN13 9781482773057.

In this illustrated, first book of the Falcon Lord Trilogy, 16-year-old Brighton Aviamore, lowly 2nd Assistant Game Warden, lives in self-imposed exile on a small island off the coast of Perpetua. Years earlier, he was abandoned by his mother after his father, the last falcon rider, was killed by his own giant raptor. When an army of underworld mutants threatens the realm, Willowmena (Brighton’s would-be love interest) presses the maverick youth to join the war effort against them. The couple embarks on an impossible journey to consult an elusive seer for advice on how to fight the marauders. They discover the seer is missing, and a vast, toxic mining operation threatens to destroy the kingdom. Brighton further learns that nine years earlier, his father was murdered for attempting to stop the illegal enterprise. Someone had bewitched Lord Aviamore’s falcon. Brighton must come to terms with the crime that shaped his bitter outlook on life. For the first time, he determines to defend something other than his own personal interests. He risks his life to take up his father’s quest. He defies the evil genius and his warriors who would stop at nothing in their rampage for wealth and power. His bold actions inspire the citizens to resurrect the battle for their homeland. They grant him the prestigious title of Sky Sheriff. When he and his intrepid falcon lead the common people to victory, Brighton Aviamore becomes known as the legend, Falcon Lord.
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