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Chill Out! [PDF]

by Esther Hicks
Topics addressed by Abraham during this workshop include:

She has done every diet, taken every pill, read every book — how can she go downstream about her overweight body?

What happens when we offer a helping hand to someone who has not asked for our help?

A prison-system counselor seeks the advice of Abraham on how best to interact with the incarcerated.Can we put a motor on our boat and speed up the process of manifesting our desires?

How does marijuana effect your ability to connect to intuition and instinct?

Where does the Law of Attraction sit in relationship to the other laws of the Universe?

How far back do our relationships go? Do we set up relationship contracts before we are born? How can we stop repeating the same relationship mistakes over and over and over again.

Why does the magic of a new relationship always seem to eventually fade?

What to do when you think you have been going with the flow and yet you end up finding yourself in relationship-hell.

And much, much more. Answers and inspiration from the Non-Physical entity Abraham whom Esther calls infinite intelligence and Jerry refers to as the purest form of love he has ever encountered.

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Thank you! Great book!

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