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Long Journey Home [PDF]

by Julius Lester

Julius Lester has written 6 stories about the Black struggle for personal and political freedom—an innate desire in all mankind.
His style is direct and engaging; readers immediately understand and sympathize with the motivation and emotions of the various protagonists, suffering their setbacks and sharing their dreams.
Highly readable this anthology presents a diverse group of settings and eras, all bound together by the natural wish for freedom of movement and the search for personal dignity.

SATAN ON MY TRACK is party biographical, the story of a blues guitar player, who rides the rails and refuses to put down roots.
LOUIS is also biographical, detailing the events of escape via the Road—the Underground Railroad, that is. BEN explores the difficult relations between races when slaves are raised almost as one of the family. The narrator, surprisingly, is a personable and fair white man, who may have to choose between an abhorent institution and the woman who is his heart's desire.

THE MAN WHO WAS A HORSE describes the quiet patience of a Black cowboy, who actually brought in an entire herd of wild mustang singlehandedly. WHEN FREEDOM CAME studies the fate of the suddenly emancipated slaves and how they handled this unknown
social condition. LONG JOURNEY HOME is as patchwork of diverse
facts about slavery, recounted by an unnamed narrator to his young grandchildren, who are skeptical about tales of the old slave days. The ending is based on an actual account of a mass escape attempt. The ensemble effect will cause readers to marvel at the tenacity of one race to be free, and the audacity of another race to treat human beings as mere property. Lester has deftly interwoven Literature, History and Morality in one slender volume, for all ages.

(June 17, 2010.I welcome dialogue with teachers.)
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