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The Foreworld Saga [PDF]

by Aric Davis

“Lumbering from the gate opposite them was a massive beast. The monster had two long horns jutting from its lower jaw … Giant ears hung from either side of its enormous head, and speckled across its skin were hundreds of hand prints, all red in color. Atop the beast was a parapet of wood and leather, and aboard it were the beast’s driver, along with three other men … “Archers!” screamed Nathan, “run to the beast.”

In the gladiator pits of the Great Kahn, one warrior fights for an honorable death. Nathan was a member of the Shield Brethren, but a love of drink saw him abandon his brothers … and all mortal caring. Now, he fights for the entertainment of the masses in one of Kahn’s battleground pits of fury. Though Nathan’s only desire is to die a good death – an end fitting for a great warrior – he soon finds himself fighting alongside honorable men who have no wish to die. Putting aside his own interests, Nathan and his fellow prisoners, now friends, form an unstoppable force, even as Kahn’s savage forces push them to very edge of extinction in a roiling abyss.

From Aric Davis comes a heart-stopping story inspired by the acclaimed Foreworld Saga.

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Thank you! Great book!

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