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Provinces [PDF]

by Czesław Miłosz

"Milosz is one of the most compelling and universallyrelevant voices of this century."(— Booklist)

"In Provinces Czeslaw Milosz continues exploring his own version of themeditative lyric, refusing to rest on his laurels or to be imprisoned by hisCollected Poems, 1931-1987 ... Consequently, he joins the ranks of other great poets of old age, such as Robert Penn Warren and W. B. Yeatshimself."(' The New York Times Book Review)

"In his early 80's, in some of the best poetry of his "career" (if such a smallhearted word applies to this kind of a life), Milosz is still asking questions that are virtually unanswerable but morally essential: What is it like to have been alive? Who am I? Have I done more good than evil? The first and final province, as Milosz has seemed to know more and more surely over the years, is desire. If it is desire that always leads us away from our beginnings, then it is also through it that we are always being led back toward them, never quite getting there, but creating the world, and ourselves as we go."(' The Harvard Review)

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Thank you! Great book!

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