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General Lee [PDF]

by Fitzhugh Lee
Fitz Lee wrote several works about the Civil War that, along with other generals like Jubal Early, helped form the basis for the Lost Cause and helped create the reputation of reverence for Robert E. Lee that is still widely held today. In addition to deifying Robert E. Lee, Fitz Lee, Early, and other authors like them often clashed with former Confederate comrades like James Longstreet, who either were not Virginian or had been critical of Robert E. Lee themselves. Debates between the men persisted into the 20th century, and they’re partially responsible for memoirs like James Longstreet’s From Manassas to Appomattox.

In General Lee, Fitzhugh Lee covers his uncle’s life and career before and after the Civil War, but not surprisingly the most interesting part of the book deals with the war itself. Readers will quickly understand that Fitzhugh Lee holds his uncle above reproach, casting blame elsewhere for battles like Gettysburg. It is still a valuable resource today for understanding the Lost Cause mentality, and the manner in which hero worship of General Lee developed.

In this edition, Charles River Editors has included over two dozen images and maps, as well as original commentary discussing the arguments between Fitzhugh Lee and James Longstreet, and commentary on some of the controversial fighting at battles like Gettysburg and the Overland Campaign. Includes a Table of Contents.
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