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Stealth And Style [PDF]

by John Terra
It's all about motion - Whether done to a steady, catchy beat or to the sounds of silence, motion applied in unique ways yields results undreamed and unthought of - Until now!

This book is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to add intrigue and panache to their Dungeons & Dragons campaign, players and Dungeon Masters alike!

At last, infiltrators and Basiran dancers have their own book!Revealing their special secrets for the first time, this book is packed with useful game material such as:

The origins and history of these variant classes.

The secret code language of the infiltrator class.

10 new feats, 25 new spells, 11 new pieces of equipment, 18 new magic items, 12 new organizations for Basiran dancers and infiltrators.

Details on role-playing motivation including how the Basiran dancer and infiltrator relate to the other classes and races.

13 new prestige classes including the saboteur, death dancer and the elemental dancer.

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1. Persia Emily | 17.02.2018 17:33

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Thank you! Great book!

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