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Rites of Blood (Cora's Choice, #4-6) [PDF]

by V.M. Black
Final Three Books of the Vampire Serial - Save 62% Over Individual Paperbacks
In a world where vampires are born, not made...

He saved her life. He demands her soul.

Blood-bonded to the billionaire vampire Dorian Thorne, Cora Shaw enters a world of unimagined sensuality—and unimagined danger. With the hold he has over her, he can exert absolute control over her body and mind, even to the point of erasing her completely.

And Dorian has already shown a willingness to use his power to force her to do his will.

Cora is determined to find a way out of her bond, no matter what the price. But even as she seeks an escape, she wonders if she can really let him go….

Cora's Choice Serial Novellas - Aethereal Bonds

Blood Rites - 36,000 words / 149 pages
Blood Bond - 28,000 words / 114 pages
Blood Price - 26,000 words / 104 pages

>>> New Adult Paranormal Romance / Urban Fantasy

The Aethereal Bonds world presents sensual stories within a fully imagined urban fantasy world, replete with vampires, werewolves, demons, and faes. The Cora's Choice series follows the story of Cora in a twist on a classic coming-of-age tale as she is thrust into this strange new world.
[PDF] Rites of Blood (Cora's Choice, #4-6) download

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