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Domestic Revolutions [PDF]

by Steven Mintz
Really interesting. I'm always surprised by how much of what we 'know' about the past is assumed and has nothing to do with reality. Especially liked the quote below:

'History reminds us that American families have been through periods of crisis before and that despite recurrent fears for the impending demise of the family, the institution as such has not disappeared. The history of American family life suggests that we need not be disturbed by change in and of itself, because change—and not stability—has been the norm. American families have repeatedly had to change in order to adapt to novel circumstances—from the challenges of New World colonization to the commercial and industrial revolutions, enslavement, immigration, depression, and war—and the changes that have taken place in family structure, roles, and conceptions have been so far reaching that they might be considered revolutions. Nor do we need to worry obsessively about the increasing diversity of family arrangements, since ethnic, religious, and economic diversity has always been a defining characteristic of American family life. Instead of focusing our attention on the futile question of whether the family will survive, we would do better as a society to confront the concrete problems that face families today, such as problems of employment, income, and child care and issues raised by changing legal norms and technologies.'

Mintz, Steven (1989-04-03). Domestic Revolutions . Simon & Schuster, Inc.. Kindle Edition.
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Thank you! Great book!

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