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The Green-Eyed Devil [PDF]

by Gabriel Madison
For over four hundred years, the vampire Jasmine tormented the mortal and supernatural world. She mercilessly killed at will. Nothing meant more to her than the taste of her victim’s blood, human or immortal. Until one night she came across a young mystic, named Angelica, being surrounded by a pack of lycanthropes. Surprisingly even to Jasmine, something about the mystic causes her to save Angelica, and create an everlasting bound between the two.

The Council of Immortals, a government of sorts for supernatural creatures, learns of Jasmine’s affection for Angelica. They send their soldiers, The League of Altors, to arrest the young mystic and use her as a way to capture Jasmine. Jasmine agrees to trade her life for that of Angelica.

After three years of torture, a very dangerous threat has returned to cause panic in the Council, causing them to turn to Jasmine. The ancient god Apollo has converted countless Immortals into his legion, and he is bent on destroying the world.

The Council offers Jasmine an opportunity to escape the fires awaiting her. If Jasmine refuses, the Council threatens to kill Angelica. Reluctantly, Jasmine agrees to hunt down the ancient god Apollo, with the help of three Altors: A vampire named Alexis, a lycanthrope named Raffaele and a mystic named Cayman.

Who best to take on a god, than a devil?
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Thank you! Great book!

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