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Practical Tarot's Quick Start Guide to Tarot Readings [PDF]

by Barbara Moore
Many students feel a bit stuck after learning the meanings, unsure of how to put the cards together into a coherent, relevant, and useful message or answer to a question. This is because understanding what a card means and doing a reading are two different things. PT’s Quick Start Guide to Tarot Readings will help you understand the process of interpreting a tarot reading with ease and confidence. This Guide details my process of conducting a reading. You can use this to read for yourself or for someone else.

The technique presented here is based on the methods I’ve developed over my twenty years of exploring tarot. In this Guide, emphasis is placed on my technique called “Scanning a Reading,” as this is one of the most neglected practices in the craft of tarot reading. Ironically, it is a process that helps create coherence in a reading and consequently is exactly what a new tarot reader needs to pull their readings together
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