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It All Started With Stones and Clubs [PDF]

by Richard Armour
Richard Armour is one of the great unsung heroes of humorous writing. He published nearly 60 books between 1935 and 1983, but has since fallen out of public recognition. This is a real shame. This book, which is an overview of the history of warfare, is a real gem of humorous writing. Primitive man, he begins by telling us, "was too uncivilized and unimaginative to wage war. All he did was eat and sleep and try to keep warm. He also reproduced, though he did not know this was what he was doing when he did it." He ends the book by saying, "war is no longer called war but 'police action,' 'peace-keeping,' 'rebellion,' or 'putting down rebellion,'" and this statement still rings true even though this book was published more than 40 years ago. This book is by no means comprehensive in its coverage of the subject, being only 143 pages, but one might find it difficult to fault his historical facts, and his wit is always spot-on. Not only did I enjoy reading this book, but I feel like I learned a thing or two.
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Thank you! Great book!

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