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Becoming Edward [PDF]

by Faye Meredith
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Can't wait to read this one. Well, I hope it will be available here in the Philippines :))


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Currently reading and WOW. I'm definitely falling in love with this one :)) I guess I like this better than other Vamp books even this one doesn't have any magical creatures. I can't wait to finish this one :))

•Lewis is a great guy but a little playboy at first but he seems to change since he met Rachel. From the cool guy that can get any girl he wanted to a a guy who acts like a nerd because he didn't know what to say when he's around Rachel. He seems to be a little obsessed with her too. Now that there's a girl that can turn off his charm and make him realize that he have to work hard to get the girl he wanted.

Thanks to Olivia, her sister he got the idea of copying Edward Cullen's look and manners. Who did that? He must be crazy for her.

•Clive to me as a guy who waits in side line. I mean that He loves Rachel or likes her but he doesn't have the guts to say it to her or even show it and then he's like a stalker. He started working in a bookstore where Rachel and her friend, Cassi hangs out and he's staring at her when she's at the cafe and she won't see if Clive is out there staring. If not for his parents he won't express his love for Rachel by writing her a book/manuscript about vamps but he did give her the book/manuscript but he didn't told her the real reason for asking her opinion and why he wrote it.

•The there's Rachel. Every girl wants to be a Rachel. well, if not for the fact that she's like by a good guy who would write for her and share the same passion for reading and there was this ultimate guy who can charm every girl except her. She's kinda naive for not knowing that Clive likes her. She gives mixed signal to Clive and Lewis. Hope that she found her true love.

Still not yet finished but can't wait :))



This book is great. Well, for the first time I get to review a book this long. This is a huge success not only for me but to the author. :))

Well, I love the ending.

•Lewis and Rachel are for each other and even though Lewis have this phase where he copies Edward they get through with it together.
•Clive and Olivia are together. I never really thought that Olivia and Clive would end up together at the end of the book. Well, Olivia liked him at first because of the manuscript he wrote for Rachel.

I rate this one as 5.


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Thank you! Great book!

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