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Bobby's Bad Day (How to live a happy healthy life with ADHD) (SIGuides 8) [PDF]

by Brian W. Wu
It's Monday morning and Bobby has to go to school. Classes tend to be boring for him, as he gets easily distracted by everything—and there's so much to do! Although it's not his intention, he gets himself in trouble, and he's required to attend to a meeting in the principal's office. His mother is there, too, and they are prompted to discover if Bobby's behavior is actually caused by an Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. What is going to happen to Bobby?

This book is part of the Storybook Illustrated Guides (siguides.com/), which main goal is to serve as an educational resource that will benefit parents and children alike. The fictional stories include characters, who are just like you/your child, that discover why they are different and learn that they can overcome and lead normal lives. Each book is fundamentally divided in three sections:
Created for parents and caregivers, practical and useful tips to help recognize symptoms of conditions covered in each book.  The stories themselves, illustrated to capture children's interest while educating them about various illnesses.  A list of online resources
where adults can go and learn more about conditions.
Table of Contents:Tips Helping Your Child Manage ADHD Chapter 1: Bobby's Bad Day Chapter 2: Bobby Makes a Mistake Chapter 3: The Big Meeting Chapter 4: What to Do? Chapter 5: Bobby's Best Thanksgiving Ever! Glossary of Terms Helpful Resources About the Author
[PDF] Bobby's Bad Day (How to live a happy healthy life with ADHD) (SIGuides 8) download

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