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The Tobias Materials [PDF]

by Geoffrey Hoppe
What happens after the New Age?

Finally, bold new information for spiritual seekers!

Tobias, a loving and compassionate angel from the apocryphal Bible, shares twelve powerful lessons for moving into the New Energy in The Creator Series. Spiritual journeyers from every part of the world have already benefited from Tobias' insight and wisdom at the Crimson Circle website.

Learn how to: ~ Be in your divine moment ... every moment ~ Create your new reality without struggling ~ "Stand behind the short wall" in the midst of chaos ~ Replace Free Will with your inherent Divine Will ~ Resolve your challenges in the Oven of Grace ~ Dance with what comes to your front door ~ Empower yourself rather than giving it away to others

Discover what Tobias says about: ~ Why you left Home and what you did before coming to Earth ~ Why prayer, meditation and visualization are old tools ~ Why it's time to put down crystals, pendulums and astrology ~ Why the battle of light vs. dark is intensifying ~ How to move from duality into the new "quad" energy

Tobias speaks to tomorrow's spiritual teachers through Geoffrey Hoppe, who was a non-spiritual businessman and entrepreneur prior to his "wake-up call" in 1995. He and Tobias are fulfilling an ancient agreement to present this life-changing information at the appropriate time ... now. Challenge yourself to release the old and move into your new personal divinity with The Tobias Materials: The Creator Series.

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Thank you! Great book!

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