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Gray Wolf [PDF]

by Bob Ryan
Gray Wolf was afraid he would never be the man his father Clear Eyes was, or for that matter, even worthy of the honor of being the great Chief’s son. Yet destiny had greater plans for this young warrior of the Bear Family than his own curious view of life allowed. A view where he embraced the new and unknown while at the same time honoring the traditional and familiar. Because of this dual nature Gray Wolf found a fork in his path more often than most and more often than most his choice was not in his own best interests.

Paul Meriwether arrived a Fort Silby, a British outpost at the edge of the frontier, to help his uncle in the blacksmith shop. Finding a freedom on the vast prairie that he could not in his former home of New York city, the sixteen year old lad grew to love his new home. A chance encounter with Gray Wolf and his father offered him a chance to observe first hand how the mysterious Bear Tribe lived.

As the Bear Family learned about the first white man they ever saw, Paul drank in all he could about their way of life. A way of life he considered superior to any he had known. Gray Wolf however was unable to resist all the temptations in the new White Man’s world including whiskey which became his master.

While learning about the spiritual nature and customs of the Bear Family you will follow a story of honor, shame, and forbidden love. Gray Wolf’s ability to deal with his own weaknesses and his families' struggle to deal with their shame will teach you about the people and leave you with a greater understanding of the wisdom of the Great Creator.
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