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Wish Upon a Unicorn [PDF]

by Vicki Blum
Nine year old Arica felt there was something unusual about her grandmother, but it wasn’t until a visit to water some plants resulted in her slipping through a crack and into another world, that she realised her feelings were fact.Having been kidnapped by two trolls, Arica discovers a world of unicorns, elves, fairies and evil trolls.

As Arica is taken through this unusual land astride a captured unicorn, she questions what the trolls could possibly want with a human girl.When they arrive at their destination, she is dismayed to find that she will continue to be held captive, enslaved to work in a mine.To make things worse, the elves that are also enslaved, want nothing to do with her.

Arica finds assurance with the captive unicorns, but cannot explain how she can understand their thoughts.Desperate to escape and get back home, Arica is determined to befriend the elves and find a way home, and the reason she came to be in this unusual land that has an evil fairy who seems so familiar.

Wish Upon a Unicorn is a great adventure about a young girl with an unusual gift.It is fast paced and finishes well.I have no doubt it will appeal to the younger reader.
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Thank you! Great book!

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