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The ABC's of Getting Out of Debt [PDF]

by Garrett Sutton
Overall, this book gave a pretty clear, concise presentation of some steps or options that a person in various stages of debt can use to become debt free. It didn't offer any great insight, because basically there are only so many real steps to getting out of debt (stop racking up charges, live below your means, and throw every bit of extra income at the debt).

There were some useful tips that most people just starting to reduce debt may not know. For example, debt has a statute of limitations and that a car loan can be refinanced for a lower interest rate. It also touched on credit scores and repairing credit, which again someone just starting to look at debt reduction would find interesting.

In the end this book provides a pretty good foundation of information for a person looking to get out of debt and good information on credit and how to protect it.

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Thank you! Great book!

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