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North [PDF]

by Kim Sloan
When Leesa comes to Darbi with an unthinkable request, both women can see a solution to their respective problems. Leesa, a young nun, is pregnant. Darbi, the 31st bride of the Emperor, needs to have a child in order to save her marriage. If Darbi can simply fake a pregnancy and adopt Leesa's baby, then they will all be safe.

But how can Darbi betray her beloved husband and maintain this illusion under the close scrutiny of the harem? Far from a perfect wife, she has many enemies in the palace, and choosing this path will take all the grit and composure she can muster. What's more, when the Senate launches an investigation of the Emperor's wives, Darbi's deception runs an even greater risk of being exposed. Is it possible that only Darbi truly grasps the danger that confronts them all?

Reminiscent of Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale, North is set in a modern, dystopian empire, where the wealthy elite have overtaken political life and twisted an Old-Testament polygamy to fit their needs. This novel uncovers the lost voice of the young trophy wife - struggling to determine her own fate whilst caged in romanticized, often maligned, silence.

Combining an intense relationship dynamic with tight, cinematic dialog, North explores the deep, treacherous spaces of the things one must leave unsaid.

Warning: This novel contains explicit content and is intended for an adult audience.
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Thank you! Great book!

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