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Hoof and Claw [PDF]

by Charles G.D. Roberts

A Walk in the Woods.

This exceptional collection of short-stories by Canadian poet Charles G DRoberts was published in 1914 and was part of his huge body of work.Often considered the Father of Canadian Poetry he was best known for his short fiction on animals and nature.In Hoof and Claw we find 14 stories, mostly about animals and people who live and work in the back country of Canada.Being something of an armature naturalist who's training stemmed from his experiences growing up in the far north, Roberts gives you an intimate view of the creatures he wrights about.Arctic Fox, Bald Eagle, Mink, Canadian Lynx and the Great Gray Owl are just some of the "wild brethren" in his stories.A stand-out for me was the story about a young girl trying to get home to her family in the back woods and being stalked by a starving Black Bear.Another relates the adventures of a bi-plane pilot who runs afoul of some Bald Eagles defending their territories from this strange invader.The story about the problems caused by fishermen's basket filled with just-caught fish is amusing and probably stemmed from one of the authors personal experiences.Roberts writing is, well, poetic and in the flowery style prevalent at the turn of the 20th Century.He endows his animals with some human characteristics that border onanthropomorphism, but he gets his point across.Sometimes that's the only way an author can explain what's going on in the animal-character's mind during the story. Recently Robert Bakker used the same technic in his novel Raptor Red.While I had no technical or formatting problems with this "free" Kindle edition there were a few issues I didn't like: for one thing there was no Table of Contents and another is the fine paintings by Paul Bransom, that graced the original hard-bound edition, are missing.I guess that's what you get when you opt for the "free" edition.Kindle does offer other editions of this book that do have a charge.With those you would probably get the TOC and maybe the illustrations as well.As I read the book I kept track of the story titles and their locations #s for future reference.I have posted the TOCin the comments.All in all this was an entertaining read and a nostalgic trip down Memory Lane.

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