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Little House by Boston Bay (Little House: The Charlotte Years, #1) [PDF]

by Melissa Wiley
This is the first book in the Little House "Charlotte Years". It is written for an older child so if you are an adult reading you may think it's 'below' you. But I found it a nice book to read before bed to help calm my mind of my busy day. It's a pleasant read and due to it being the 'first' one the beginning of the books was a little 'slow' learning who each character was and their behaviors etc. But stay with it as it does get better.Ms Wiley wrote this book just like she did the "Martha years" incorporating in the history of what was going on during that time in Charlotte's life.

Charlotte is 5 years old and is old enough to start doing things to help her Mommma (Martha) around the house. She's old enough to also go to summer school where she meets her best friend. The war of 1812 has been going on for a couple of years and up until now it hasn't really affected Charlotte. But now her whole family has been talking of the war. Due to the blockade the store can't get items and thus Charlotte and her family goes without. They read the newspaper every day for news or her Papa brings news back from his blacksmith shop where the village 'hangs out' to talk. BUT after Washington City where Mrs. Madison saved George Washington's portrait from being burnt, they start knowing the war is HERE! A young man that the family has grown to love as part of their family that has been helping at the Blacksmith shop enlists and has to go off to war. Charlotte is super sad and doesn't know how to feel about the world around her changing.
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