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The Fifth Generation [PDF]

by Edward A. Feigenbaum
There is a lot of matter of fact repetition in the beginning chapters but it is interesting look back from a perspective of the state of computers three decades later and the great expectations at the time of publication. Good explanations of the basic issues associated with the development of AI. Some of the AI applications mentioned have come to fruition but not by means of AI.

The authors were extremely optimistic and saw their book as a call to arms. The second half of the book is spent on belaboring the state of the U.S. economy, which hasn't improved in the interim, and how we are going to turn into a third rate nation militarily and economically if we don't start investing whole hog in the AI R&D program.

The style of writing is somewhat odd because the authors refer to themselves in a detached manner. The authors do a good job in trying to dispel the myth that the Japanese are copycats lacking in original thinking; however, no attention was paid to it at the time based on my own experience.

The last two chapters were excellent summaries on the possible effects that knowledge technology might have on humans. Of course the benefits of technology were expected to raise the entire world out of misery and poverty which hasn't happened. The world was transformed not because of Japan’s 5th Generation program, which failed, or because the U.S. didn’t follow suite but for more fundamental reasons; viz. globalization, the breakup of the Soviet Union, and corporate greed.

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