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Silver Hills Volumes 1-4 [PDF]

by Jacqueline Gardner
*Volumes 1-4 are now available for only $0.99*

The Silver Hills Series:

JADE (part one): Six years ago, Jade's sister snuck out to meet her long time crush but she never came home. Now history is about to repeat itself. Jade has returned to Silver Hills only to find hostile townspeople and a creepy admirer. Silver Hills isn’t what it seems, and a ghostly image has made a reappearance.

CRYSTAL (part two): A game was played and a curse was read. Crystal wakes up to discover that she hasn't just replaced a young debutante on a neighboring planet. She's replaced a soon-to-be bride.

AMBER (part three): When Amber moved to Silver Hills, she never expected to get caught up in an infamous disappearance. Rumors circulate that Crystal is dead but Amber still sees her face. And Crystal won't leave her alone.

PERIDOT (part four): To change her fate, Peridot makes a deal. But she soon learns that a deal with a madman is not a deal worth making.
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Thank you! Great book!

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