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Stonehenge Bluestone III [PDF]

by Neil Clark
Interpreting the Celts needs empathy. For two millennia Rome imposed its alien outlook, destroying a truth-loving, peaceable culture which could challenge and displace it.

Neil Clark’s research reveals that the Celts were not only spiritual kin to today's enlightened holistic thinkers but that they had gained an intuitive understanding of mankind's place in the cosmos that aligns even with today's most advanced mathematical physics. Aware of the cosmos around them, they aspired heavenward, but built works of stone on earth that prove to us their modern grasp of what it is to be Beings-on-this-Earth-in-this-Universe.

Rome brought trouble to Europe, but evidence of Celtic philosophy remains to inspire hope for the future of our planet. Neil Clark builds a grand synthesis which will astonish the intelligent reader.
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Thank you! Great book!

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