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The Big Package (5 Book Bundle) ( (5 Book Bundle) ((Friends to Lovers Collected)) [PDF]

by Jason Davis
This bundle is a collection of the books Curious, Lust, Sparks, Crush and Yearn.

Follow the purely erotic tale of Jon and Jason from the first time they have sex.

The two young men have been best friends since childhood. At 18, they become lovers. Will their relationship be purely sexual, or will they be able to find love together?

The focus of this story is sexual pleasure, not character or plot development. The Big Package contains frequent, graphic descriptions of sex between men, so don’t read it if you are under 18 years old. If you’re an adult, come and enjoy the sexy man-on-man action.


Jon and I were alone for the first time in days.

I looked over at him. He was sleeping right beside me. My eyes widened when I saw the massive hard-on that was tenting his suit up. He looked so hot my dick reacted instantly.

Taking another good look around, I made sure there was no-one there to see us. I got up on my knees right beside Jon to get a better view of his crotch. His erection looked so inviting I couldn’t help myself.

I reached out and placed my hand right onto it. He didn’t move. I rubbed his straining dick through his suit and he opened his eyes. He looked up at me without a word, a big smile on his face.

I worked my way under his waistband, finally feeling his hot hardness in my hand. I could never get enough of touching his dick. I stroked and rubbed, reaching for his balls. A quiet moan escaped his lips when I squeezed them firmly.

Taking another quick glance around us, I tugged at his suit. Jon helped me out by lifting his hips and I got him free of it.

My own dick was throbbing in my swimsuit as I lay down beside Jon so his erection was right in my face. I took the head into my mouth, swirling my tongue around. He squirmed and groaned, pushing his hips forward as he tried to get his dick further inside my mouth.


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[PDF] The Big Package (5 Book Bundle) ( (5 Book Bundle) ((Friends to Lovers Collected)) download

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