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The Paradox of Creation [PDF]

by Camillo Loken
The Paradox of Creation is now being revealed to you. It´s part of the Divine Plan. You move along the circle of creation and you have now reached a point where it´s time to dis-cover and re-member that you really are God in Disguise.

Your current life is about Waking Up in order to once again re-member who you really are. You have reached the awakening part of the circle of creation. We all have. Creation is a paradox and the set-up has been hidden from us as it had to be. Our space-time construct is in place to facility consciousness to experience itself and you are a point of that consciousness.

This book will
- reveal to you The Paradox of Creation
- show you how un-manifested, unlimited, infinite potential of consciousness is manifesting and facilitating itself through you in order to BE
- show you how the subconscious mind is a vital part for the character you play in the game of life
- show you how time is not linear, but part of a grand cycle
- explain how the game of life is set up and how you can benefit from knowing the rules
- help you wake up and once again re-member who you really are

There are no coincidences. You are reading this book description for a reason. Listen to your heart - to your intuition - to find out if you are ready to wake up and see who you really are: God in Disguise.
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1. Persia Emily | 19.02.2015 17:33

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Thank you! Great book!

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