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Gypsy in Amber / Canto for a Gypsy [PDF]

by Martin Cruz Smith
Gypsy in Amber
When you are a gypsy who was raised by non-gypsies, you have an identity problem. When you are a gypsy, an antique dealer, and you've been entrusted with a very old highboy in which a dead body is discovered, you have a major problem.

Sorcery and the dark sciences lie at the heart of a terrible murder that threatens to force the police into a confrontation with New York's gypsy community. However, Roman Grey decides to unearth the truth about the killing, whatever the cost.

Canto for a Gypsy
Antique dealer and gypsy Roman Grey is picked to guard the royal crown of Hungary during an exhibition at St. Patrick's Cathedral. While guarding it from those who would take it, he uncovers a century's old secret about the crown.
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Thank you! Great book!

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