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Paradox Child (Paradox Child, #1) [PDF]

by J. Yates
Time travel is the focus of Jane Yates’ debut novel, Paradox Child. The child in question is twelve-year-old Lilly, a slightly shy girl with a delightfully inquisitive mind and a pretty unconventional family. Whilst a lot of eighties kids might have spent their time playing Hungry Hungry Hippos or watching The A-Team, Lilly is more concerned with practicing the art of magic with her mother and grandmother. But when her mother fails to return from one of her mysterious excursions, it’s up to Lilly to put her skills into action and track her down.

Unfortunately for Lilly, however, her mother hasn’t just got lost down the shops, she’s lost in time. Luckily, Lilly’s grandmother (one of the book’s most beautifully-written characters) knows a thing or three about a machine which, when combined with magical expertise, can transport Lilly through the ages in order to locate her mother.

The machine is housed at the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford (an institution the author is familiar with) and Lilly’s Grandmother slowly reveals the history behind the machine’s creation to her Granddaughter. It’s these fascinating nuggets which are perhaps the major highlight of the book, especially considering Lilly’s Grandmother explains the machines conception in the context of Pitt Rivers’ extraordinary life.

The book is written in an engrossing style, with simple, lyrical writing and gorgeous, childlike observations. For example, at one point Lilly notes how herons remind her of dinosaurs. However, the plot, with its references to quantum physics and numerous threads, is a fairly complicated one. But, thanks to Yates’ skill as a storyteller, this combination does work creating a rare transitional book which bridges the gap between children’s fiction and YA fiction.
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