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Desperate and Lonely Housewives, a Novel [PDF]

by Tommy Franks
"Desperate and Lonely Housewives, a Novel: Beautiful and Sexy Women of Waterford" is not a sex book, but it is a book about sex, passion, lies, sins, murder, intrigue, and other issues of morality found within our society today. The following stories allow you to see what has been going on for decades behind closed doors within small communities, especially the church. How do I know? For one thing, I have been there. Almost all of these scenes are true. As previously stated, I have changed the names to protect the guilty. I am extremely familiar with societal norms and the church scene in the Southern communities. Actually, anyone involved in the Church today…could have written this book. As you know, the Church is not infallible. You have read and/or seen the situations within the Church in the past three decades. It’s not a pretty scene. All denominations have had their problems. Many people who read this book will think that I am blatantly and overtly criticizing the Church. That is certainly NOT my intent. My purpose in writing this book is to allow you the freedom to think and to admit that changes are indeed needed in our society, especially in our churches and families. We need to communicate more. We need to cast out the two by four that is in our own eye before we can see how to cast out the splinter from our neighbor’s eye. We need to have more compassion and be more caring, regardless of a person’s past. Any fool can criticize…and most fools do. From the very first chapter, you will be mesmerized by the entrance of “The Sexy and Seductive Choir Director” who attends The First Church on Blue Street in Waterford. The 650 parishioners are a mixture of middle class America to include blue collar, white collar, and all in between. The town of Waterford is a sleepy little giant that has a lot of energetic, bored, and sex crazy people who are very rapidly getting antsy and tense. They want more out of life...but exactly what...they have no idea. Then enters the Blue Street Sultry and Sensuous Choir Director who is a beautiful, tall, slender, big-breasted blonde…looking for action. Other chapters deal with steamy and hot love affairs, a love triangle, a “peeping-tom”, a church treasurer who is a thief, a scam which causes the Pastor to commit suicide, the church Judas (betrayer), the funeral which gives way to adultery, and the temptation which is just too great for the visiting evangelist. Every chapter will have you sitting on the edge of your chair, especially Chapter 13 “Who Killed Jack Henry?” One tragic late afternoon, Jack Henry, a deacon at Blue Street, was murdered…shot to death in his own home. He loved animals. He loved the big outdoors. He loved hunting and fishing. He loved his family. His biggest passion was horses. For five years, Jack and a lady named Jill…had an illicit love affair going on. They spent every spare moment together, mostly at the Waterford Stables. But neither of them could have known what was going to happen on May 1st of that year. Jill remembers the last time she saw Jack. It was a sunny spring day. “He told me he loved me and then kissed me goodbye.”
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