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The Breathing Book [PDF]

by Donna Farhi
Donna Farhi has written some of the best books on yoga out there (see the classic Yoga Mind, Body, & Spirit, and the genius Bringing Yoga to Life), and I have been looking forward to seeing what she would say about the breath when she's not designing inquiries for practitioners of asana. I think she's the best yoga voice in print - she says important things in memorable ways that have mattered immeasurably to my own exploration, and she has a notable gift for being able to narrate and illustrate the experience of the subtle body.

I came to this book because I've been exploring my practice increasingly off the mat for the last several months - wanting to see what yoga is when it is dissolved from posture, and that personal inquiry has lead me into a lot of breathwork and mindfulness study (and back into a deeply reinvigorated relationship with my mat). I'm left with the realization that it is indeed a radical act, and radical decision, to embody one's own breath, and to give it full attention - Farhi writes passionately about this in between the sections about restoring the body to its 'essential breath.'She's acutely aware of yoga as a conditioning technology for the breath, so this book would be best appreciated by those who are familiar with hatha yoga, but it is accessible enough for anyone who'd like to think about embodiment and breath conditioning. She'll teach you what you already know, but in a way that will actually help you to steady that knowledge for practice.

I'd give five stars if there was a little bit more science embedded here, because I'm curious about the relationships between the brain, the stress response, the diaphragm, heart, and lungs. (Can't fault her too much though for the fact that a lot of the science I want to know about is in progress...)
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