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Backyard Farming [PDF]

by Derek Hall
Backyard farms are often valued primarily for the rural lifestyle that they provide. Often, the owners do not earn their livelihood from their farm. Generally, a small farm offers its owner a means of achieving self-sufficiency as to his and his family's own needs. Sometimes he may be able to gain extra income by selling surplus produce at farmers markets or more permanent shop facilities. This book will give the enthusiast all the information he requires to start up and maintain a small farm.

A backyard farm may be one that is maintained without thought of earning income, or run as part of a lifestyle choice. Alternatively, it may be regarded simply as recreational land, to be enjoyed by the whole family, being a place where a few animals are kept, not only for the pleasure of having them around, but also for the enjoyment of what they can produce, be it new-laid eggs, milk for turning into homemade butter, or even honey.

This comprehensive guide is illustrated throughout with full-color photographs and chapters that explain in detail how to grow vegetables, herbs, and fruit. Instructions on keeping bees, chickens, and livestock, and how to minimize pests, will help with ambitious farm projects. The index helps readers navigate through the book to find just the tips to help them get started with their own backyard farming.
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